Xukun Lin

This is

Xukun Lin

A person who loves physics and math

About Xukun

I was born in Qingdao, China. You have already seen a beautiful picture of the seaside city. We have the best beer of China, the best seafood of China, and the best golden beach of China. If you are considering traveling to China, Qingdao is a great city to drop by.

I am a senior undergraduate student at University of Rochester, US. I am pursuing a double degree in optics and physics (Aren't they the same? No!) I spent the last two years in Rochester, mostly studying and reading some funny stuff. I might need to drive across the whole country after graduation, so why bother planning trips now?

My Interests

I am fond of physics, math, and coding. In particular, I am currently working on (1) Fourier optics and photonics, (2) quantum physics and collapse model, (3) real analysis, (4) JavaScript and other languages.

In addition to natural science, I am also interested in psychology, philosophy, and I am currently reading the book Intimate Relationships; I also love Japanese literature, and recently I finished A Lost Paradise. There is a myriad of intriguing areas that I want to explore, since new insights are always so exciting.